Actress Maxene Magalona marked her first year anniversary staying in Bali, Indonesia, which helped her discover the importance of spiritual connection to God amid the threat of COVID-19. 

In her Instagram post, Magalona revealed that her stay in Ubud has helped her to strengthen her relationship with the Lord. 

“This has definitely been the most eye-opening and soul awakening time of my life so I just want to express how grateful I am to God for bringing us here and keeping us safe and protected this whole time. This pandemic showed me what truly matters in life which is our spiritual connection to the Divine,” she stated in the caption. 

The actress was with her husband, musician Rob Mananquil, in Indonesia where they have stayed since March 2020. 

The 34-year-old Magalona stressed the need to always thank and worship God as He is the only source of life. 

“God is the only reason why we are here on earth living and breathing so it is just right that we worship Him and give Him thanks,” she stated. “Personally, I’ve discovered that by staying deeply rooted in our faith in God, He will definitely guide us in our life journey.”

She also encouraged everyone to open their heart to God and surrender to Him to receive His blessings. 

“It’s up to us to turn to God as He has always just been waiting for us to surrender. So go ahead and open your heart to God and be ready to receive His blessings. You deserve it,” she added. 

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