Three new Covid testing centres to open for foreign travel


The likelihood that Covid testing will be a feature of international travel for the foreseeable future has prompted on of the largest RT-PCR and antigen operators in the country to open three new centres with the creation of what it says will be 120 jobs.

RocDoc is planning to set up the testing facilities at Swords, Shannon and Cork to provide additional capacity to meet the demands of the busy Christmas season and the additional testing requirements for international travel due to the Omicron variant.

RocDoc currently operates two testing facilities at Dublin Airport and two drive-through facilities at Cork Airport and one at Shannon Airport. All three new centres will be walk-in only.

“We’re very happy to be able to announce that our three new mass-testing centres are open to the public today, providing additional capacity at this critical time,” said the company’s chief executive, David Rock.

“A lot of hard work has gone in to getting the services up and running in time for the busy Christmas period.

The company opened a drive-through testing facility in Ashbourne in August 2020. After which it opened two facilities at Dublin Airport, and one each in Shannon, Cork and Ireland West airports.

RocDoc also worked with the Department of Transport earlier this year to provide testing for HGV drivers bound for France at a number of facilities nationwide and was an early provider of the EU digital Covid certificate for international travel in July this year.


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