A Russian national was found hanged at his bungalow home in Ubud yesterday, with police believing that the victim committed suicide.

Police say that the 29-year-old foreigner, identified by his initials PC, was a designer. His body was first found by a friend, identified as AE, at 10am on Monday. 

“That was when she saw her friend PC hanging by a red noose made out of cloth in his room, and so she ran downstairs to inform what she saw to the owner of the bungalow,” Gede Sudyatmaja, Ubud sub-precinct chief, said. 

AE then took a knife from the kitchen and went to cut the cloth to let PC down, but at that point he was no longer breathing. 

Owners of the bungalow then reported the matter to the police, and officers came by not long after. Gede said that there were no signs of foul play on PC’s body. 

Indonesia currently does not have a dedicated government-run suicide prevention hotline, but if you or anyone you know is suffering from depression and/or contemplating suicide, you can get more information and resources from several local NGOs dealing with mental health and suicide prevention, such as intothelightid.org.

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