My Carnival cruise ended at the pier! Why was I denied boarding?


Stephen Delisle is a seasoned traveler with a proven track record of successfully navigating the globe – even during the pandemic. But Carnival Cruise Line recently put an end to that success streak. His family planned to celebrate Thanksgiving aboard Carnival’s newest ship, the Mardi Gras. Unfortunately, they never made it past the pier on the day of embarkation. That’s where Delisle was summarily denied boarding the cruise by the boat’s medical personnel.

Delisle says the crew members made an awful mistake when they refused to let him board the Mardi Gras. That error caused his family to miss their much-anticipated Carnival cruise.


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To add insult to injury, Carnival firmly rejected Delisle’s refund request for the missed cruise. Now he’s asking us for help. He wants the Elliott Advocacy team to properly investigate and prove this was the cruise line’s mistake, not his.

Can we do it?

Planning a Carnival cruise on the newest ship – the Mardi Gras

Earlier this year, Delisle and his family began planning a family vacation for Thanksgiving week. He and his wife live in Sweden, and their daughter and her fiance live in the United States. The group decided that taking a Carnival cruise over the holiday would be the perfect way to celebrate.

As an added incentive, they discovered they could cruise aboard Carnival’s newest ship – the Mardi Gras. Carnival has touted the Mardi Gras as the latest in cruising innovation.

Looking at the glossy photos of the sleek vessel and reading the description of all it offers, the family was sold. They made their decision and booked their holiday cruise directly through the Carnival website.

The group would assemble in Florida a few days before Thanksgiving in preparation for the adventure. The Mardi Gras was scheduled to embark on the seven-day Caribbean cruise from Port Canaveral in southern Florida.

Was this family denied boarding Carnival's Mardi Gras by mistake?
The Carnival cruise path of the Mardi Gras during Thanksgiving week. This family was denied boarding because of COVID vaccination confusion.

Time to board the Mardi Gras! Or is it?

Throughout the summer and heading into the fall, the family kept a watchful eye on the changing requirements for cruising. For this family, there were a variety of complications – but Delisle was sure there would be no problem. After all, he and his wife had continued to travel throughout the pandemic for work and pleasure.

Unfortunately, Delisle met his match on the day he and his family expected to board the Mardi Gras.

“We showed up with plenty of time to spare,” Delisle recalled. “We had all of our required documents in order – including our negative COVID…


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