MANILA — Maxene Magalona has returned to the Philippines, after a year of being based in Bali, Indonesia, the actress announced on Instagram.

In her most recent post, Magalona said she will use her time in quarantine to mediate and reflect.

«There are moments when I still can’t believe that I’m finally back in Manila after living in Bali for more than a year. Being on a tropical island for a long time and then having to come back to a city will not be the smoothest transition. Thankfully, I have to stay in quarantine for a couple of weeks before I can ‘go back to the real world’ which will give me enough time to adjust. This is definitely going to be something new to me as we weren’t living in strict lockdown in Bali. Everyone was free to go around whenever and wherever. So instead of resisting and complaining about not having as much freedom as I used to, I’ve decided to use this time in quarantine for self-reflection, detoxification and integration,» she said.
«Beginning on Sunday, I will use my time in quarantine to reflect on everything I’ve experienced in the past year, meditate for longer hours and also do a juice fast so that I can cleanse and detoxify my body. This will be my offering to God as a sign of my infinite gratitude and devotion. Celebrating my return home by returning to my true self. I’m finally home, Manila. I am my own home,» the actress added.

According to Magalona, her lengthy stay in Bali with with husband Rob Mananquil helped in strengthening her relationship with the Lord. 

“This has definitely been the most eye-opening and soul awakening time of my life so I just want to express how grateful I am to God for bringing us here and keeping us safe and protected this whole time. This pandemic showed me what truly matters in life which is our spiritual connection to the Divine,” she stated in the caption. 

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