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States of India — Maharashtra
Maharashtra is a large, populous and economically important state. The Lands of Caves, Forts and Temples Mumbai is the capital of the Maharashtra State, India’s fourth largest State, but it does not reflect the spirit of Maharashtra. The city is Maharashtra’s avaricious heart, its soul lies in the interior of the State in cites like Pune, Kolhapur and Nagpur. Mumbai contains a cross section of the people of India it is like a mini India. If you walk in Mumbai, you will hear a babble of languages you cannot understand, but all Mumbities communicate in their Mumbai Hindi.From Mumbai most travellers head south to the beaches of Goa, south-east to Pune and its famous ashram, or north-east to the World Heritage-listed cave temples of Ajanta & Ellora.
Maharashtra at a Glance —
Land area  308,000 Sq. kms.
Capital Mumbai
Airports Bangolare, Mangalore, Hubli and Belgaum.
No. of Districts 35
Weather Four Seasons :-
Winter — Mid Sept. to Feb.
Summer — March to May
Monsoon — June to Sept.
Post Monsoon — Oct. to Mid Dec.
October is very warm.

How to Reach —
Maharashtra has five domestic airports and one international airport at Mumbai. Most of these airports have regular connections through the Indian Airlines and other domestic airlines.

Mumbai is the hub of the railway network in Maharashtra having three major railway stations and the headquarters of two Railway Zones in India. Many important tourist spots in the state are directly connected to Mumbai by regular trains. Maharashtra has the best road connectivity in India and most of the important places are conveniently connected to each other.

Cities Of Maharashtra
Mumbai Aurangabad


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