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Bihar is bound on the north by Nepal

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States of India — Bihar
Bihar is bound on the north by Nepal on the east by west Bengal. Its south Ganga plain are the most fertile region in the world. Bihar is a important state for Buddhist pilgrims , who throng this state to visit sites, associated with lord Buddha. The state is endowed with an enviable mineral resources base, has some of the finest industries. Bihar was India’s first cradle of civilization after Indus valley, around 6th  B.C, when a dynamic combination of geographical and political factors ensured its hegemony over the entire sub continent. Today Bihar is waiting to translate its existing potential into reality.  Bihar is a true example of rich state inhabited by poor people. Its  south Ganga plain are among the most fertile region in the world. It still remains the treasure trove of minerals in Chhotanagpur area. Iron, Coal, Mica, Bauxite, Uranium and other minerals abound. It has a vast labour force and expanding market.
Bihar at a Glance —
Location 21o — 27o N longitudes &
83o  —  88o E latitude
Area 1,73,877 sq.km
Population 104 million
Capital Patna
Languages Assamese & English.
Climate Summer : Max : 40°C
Winter : 5 °C
Best Season October to March.
Rainfall 1,270 mm
How to Reach —
By Air : Bihar has two airports at Patna connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Calcutta, and Katmandu.

By Rail :

Bihar has well developed railway network with almost all the major and minor places connected by good trains. Major railway stations like Patna, Muzaffarpur, and Gaya are connected to all the major cities of India by regular trains.

By Road :

There is good network of roads connecting all the major parts of the state with Patna, the state capital. National highways connect the state from places all over India.


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