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During Your Tour to Delhi, which is the capital of india, is a city that combines history with modernity in its own unique way. As you travel through the wide roads and flyovers of Delhi, you’ll come across Mughal monuments, forts and tombs in the heart of the city.Delhi was the capital of mughals for hundres of years until 1857 when the britishers capture delhi and in 1911 they shifted their capital from kolkata to delhi.we can easily find the influence of british government on delhi.On one hand delhi has many monuments from early 19centuary,On the other hand there are many monuments from early centuary also.For Example Qutub Minar from 12th centuary,Humayu’s Tomb from 15 centuary,Red fort and Jama Mosque from 16 centuary.

Known for its historic buildings such as the President’s mansion, Rashtrapati Bhawan, the Parliament House and the landmark India Gate, Delhi is changing rapidly with a modern metro railway service and curving flyovers connecting different parts of this rapidly expanding city.

With shopping malls, multiplexes and amusement parks springing up around Delhi, the city has left behind its image of being a sedate city of politicians and has acquired a younger and more dynamic feel, which you’ll discover on your Indian Holiday in Delhi Tours.

At the same time Delhi retains its age-old charm with gracious parks and gardens, an active cultural life and annual celebrations such as the Republic Day Parade, giving Delhi its unique place as the grand capital of India. You’ll discover Delhi is a great place to start your tour.

New Delhi is beaming with pride to host the Commonwealth Games 2010. India’s distinct culture, where the traditional is successfully combined with the modern, will make the Delhi Games special. Right now what you see and really experience are the infra structural changes that are taking place, to be honest, on daily basis. But now we even have news from across the country informing us about the preparation of athelets.

As in the words of Indian sports minister Suresh Kalmadi, «The colour, costumes, the traditions and heritage will be world class, the public will be welcoming and friendly and the flair of India is what will make the next Games really unique.»

India will be only the third developing country to host the event after Jamaica in 1966 and Malaysia in 1998. This is only the second time the event will be held in Asia. The success of these games may also strengthen India’s bid for 2016 Summer Olympics.

This will be the biggest multi-sport event conducted in the India. In past New Delhi has proudly experienced playing host to the Asian Games in 1951 and 1982 (Asiad). Preparations are in full swing Sand New Delhi is comfortably meeting all the target dates. Every venue event is getting ready for the important year.

The proposed dates for the Games are 3 — 14 October 2010 inclusive of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The Delhi Games Village is to be constructed as a low rise medium development on a 40 acre site in the heart of the capital with a possible capacity for 8,500 athletes and officials. Existing and new stadium will be used to house the following sports:

The culture, infrastructure and sport all will be successfully combined to create yet another memorable experience for Commonwealth Games.

The 2010 Games will be staged in the heart of Delhi itself with existing venues and facilities being given a major facelift that includes construction of new venues like New Delhi games village.


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