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When on a Tour to Somnath, visit these marvelous edifices not just to pay homage to the Gods and seek their blessings but also to admire the superlative architectural skills that they manifest.

The Junagadh Gate through which you will enter Somnath from Veraval is an ancient triple gate and one of the most fascinating monuments in Somnath. Spare time to stand and admire it when on a Tour to Somnath. The Prabas Pata Museum is also a must visit spot for those on a Tour to Somnath. It contains exquisite sculptures of several Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon and also the remains of the Somnath Temple as it had existed in the 11th century. The present structure was rebuilt much later.

When on a Tour to Somnath it is advisable that you spent some time in its beach. The lovely golden beach commands a breathtaking view and you are sure to love strolling along the shoreline. And do keep some time reserved for shopping as well. It’s sure going to be fun going to the various bazaars and purchasing small knick knacks that can be carried back home not only as mementos but also gifts to be given to friends and relatives.

So without any further delay plan your Tour to Somnath and never for once be bothered about how you can reach the place because it is fairly well connected by rail and road to different parts of Gujarat. There are many hotels belonging to several categories and you will surely come across one that best suits your needs and your pockets if you are considering a stay. In fact it is always advisable to plan a tour of more than just one or two days because there are quite a few interesting places in the nearby vicinity of Somnath and a trip to them could also be quite enjoyable.

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