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Champaner and Pavagadh Tours will reveal a lot of interesting facts and mysteries about this quintessential tourist destination of Gujarat. The town took 23 years to establish and it was at its pinnacle of glory in the whole of western India.

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There are a lot of ancient edifices that were built during the rise of this town. The town is populated with bazaars, town squares, Royal Gardens and water structures, including mosques. Travel to Champaner and Pavagadh would also take you to the popular hubs for fine silk, woven and dyed textile and sword manufacturing. The old monuments, archaeological sites and the various places of excavations stand testimony to the rule of the Mughals and British that this town was subjected to.

This sprawling town is dotted with vestiges of fort walls, ruined tombs, gardens, arches, pillars and wells. Tour to Champaner and Pavagadh will encompass the Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park which is the repository of palaces, temples, residential precincts, agricultural structures and water reservoirs. For the religious travelers, the Champaner and Pavagadh Tour will surely turn out to be a fruitful one since it will take you to the Kalikamata Temple which is located on the top the Pavagadh Hill and a large number of devotees gather here to pay their deference to the Goddess.

The tourists will also come across several shrines and mosques that were built by the Mughals during their reign. One of the most interesting features of this heritage site is the water installation system. The several water retaining installations were used to supplement the need of the water in the town. The architectures on the one hand reflect the lost glory of the town and on the other also symbolizes the concord between the Hindu and Muslim art style.

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