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The annual Pushkar fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The festival is an obeisance to lord Brahma, the creator of this world. Situated in Pushkar is the only temple of Brahma in the world. Celebrated on the occassion of Karthik Purnima (November), it is believed that Lord Brahma, Vishnu and others come down to Pushkar to bath in the lake Pushkar. So it is considered very holy to bath in the Pushkar lake on this auspicious occassion. The festival becomes a hub for the cultural activities of Rajasthan. People come from far places to take part in the festival celebrations. They stay in there tents, named after the village they belong to. They also bring herds of cattles along. These cattles are here for a show and for trading. Other cultural events of Rajasthan also takes place during the festival.

¤ Festival Attractions


Cattle Fair The cattle fair is synonimous to the Pushkar fair. The villagers and the merchants meet at Pushkar and barter. The cattles are decorated in very colorful manner to attract the buyers and the tourists.

Cattle Competition

Various competitons involving cattles takes place during the festival. The famous camel race and the cattle race also takes place here. There is an intersting event to test the power of the camels. Many people sit on the back of the camel and the camels race. People fall from the back of the camels and the camel who carries the most number of people on the back is declared the winner. Other events like the Cattle fashion show, magix\c shows are also a part of this event.


The culture of Rajasthan comes alive in Pushkar through the folk lores, music and dance performances. Cultural events, exhibitions and movies reflect the rich culture of Rajasthan.

¤ Other Attractions

Temples and Ghats The temples and Ghats are decorated to worship the Lords. A series of worship processes takes place during the festival. People visit the temples and take bath in the Pushkar lake. The temples of Pushkar comes to a new life during the celebrations.

¤ Shopping The ghats and the surrounding areas of the lake becomes a mini Rajasthan market during the fair. Decorative items for Cattles, like saddles, saddle-straps and beads are sold. One can buy jewelry, garments, silver ornaments, bead necklaces, tie ‘n’ dye fabrics etc. Also for the Tatoo lovers, stalls for body tatoo are made all over.

¤ How to Visit Pushkar

Air : Jaipur Airport (145 Km) is the nearest airport to Pushkar.
Rail : Ajmer Railway station, 11 Km from Pushkar, is very well connected to the major cities of India and has some direct trains to these cities.
Road : Ajmer and Pushkar are well connected to the cities of Rajasthan and nearby states.


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