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States of India — Sikkim
Sikkim sandwiched between Nepal to the west and bhutan to the east. The magical lure of Sikkim has always been attracting people all over the world. Its legendry mountains, landscape that defy imagination, all culminates into a masterpiece of the Creator. Sikkim is a dream that one can realize and enjoy, now that the area is open to all. It is a state cloaked in the mystery of remoteness, and far away from the din and bustle of the modern world. Sikkim is full of Buddhist monasteries.  Its capital, Gangtok has a lot to see, specially the Research Institute of Tibetology, a World centre for the study of Buddhist philosophy & religion and has a rare collection of statues and over 200 Buddhist icons.
Sikkim at a Glance —
Land area

 7300 Sq. km

Altitude 5840 m above sea level.
Capital Gangtok
Rainfall 325 cm per annum
Population 5,40,493
Languages Nepali, Bhutia, Lepcha, Tibetan, English, Hindi

Time to visit

 October to December
March to May
Religion Hinduism, Christianity, & Buddhism
Temperature Summer Max 21 °C Min 13°C
Winter Max 13 °C, Min 0.48°C

How to Reach —
By Air:  The busiest route in and out of Sikkim is the road between Gangtok and Siliguri. The town of Bagdogra at a distance of 124 km from Gangtok has the nearest airport. Flights from Bagdogra can be booked at the Indian Airlines office on Tibet Road in Gangtok (Phone 03592-23099). There are regular flights to Guwahati, Calcutta, and Delhi from Bagdogra.

By Rail: The nearest railway stations from Gangtok are New Jalpaiguri (125 km) and Siliguri (144 km) connected to Delhi, Calcutta, Guwahati, and other important cities in India.

By Road: Gangtok is connected by road to Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Siliguri. Cars, luxury coaches and jeeps are available for hire in the town. There are also regular bus services run by the Sikkim Nationalized Transport.



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