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States of India — Haryana
Haryana is primarily an agricultural state with some major industrial areas. Its one of the more developing state. Haryana is a land of agrarian communities with politics revolving around rural localities. Haryana was the part of Punjab till 1966, they share history and capital city Chandigarh. The state of Haryana is witness to the invasions of the muslims rulers, battles of the Marathas and Sikhs. About 80% population of the state is involved in agriculture, directly or indirectly Haryana contributes 80 lakhs tones of food grains to the central pool annually. Haryanvis are simple, straight-forward, enterprising and hard-working. The people have simple food habits. They are known for their love for cattle and the abundance of milk and curd in their diet.
Haryana at a Glance —
Area 44,000 sq.km
Population 21,082,989 (1991).
Capital Chandigarh


Religion Hindu, Muslims , Sikhs.

How to Reach —
By Air : Chandigarh has excellent air service, and it is linked with Delhi. Ludhiana and Amritsar also have daily air service to New Delhi. Furthermore, Amritsar airport is an international airport. By airplane, from Delhi one can reach any city in Punjab within two hours.

By Rail :
Haryana is well connected with major cities of India.

By Road : Good metalled roads connect all the major towns with Chandigarh and Delhi.

Cities Of Haryana


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