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States of India — Kerala
Kerala is a land of rivers and backwaters. The land of green magic, is a narrow, fertile strip on the south-west coast of india, sandwiched between the Lakshadweep Sea and the Western Ghats. The landscape is dominated by rice fields, mango and cashewnut trees and, above all, coconut palms. The Western Ghats, with their dense tropical forests, misty peaks, extensive ridges and ravines, have sheltered kerala from mainland invaders and encouraged maritime contact with the ourside world. People have been sailing to kerala in search of spices, sandalwood and ivory for at least 2000 years.

Travel to the beautiful land of Kerala. The land where one experience the freshness and warmth of nature in every corner that one travels. Travel through the beautiful beaches, take a pilgrimage tour of Kerala, visit the state during the fairs and festivals season, yes you are missing some thing if you have not visited Kerala

Kerala at a Glance —
Location Southwestern trip of India
Area 38,863 sq.km
Population 29,011,237 (Census’ 91)
Capital Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
Languages Malayalam, English widely spoken.
Climate Summer : Feburary — May (24- 33°C)
Monsoon : June — September (22-28°C)
Winter : October — January (22-32°C)

How to Reach —
By Air : Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of the state, is very well connected to all major airports in India like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai. Kochi and Calicut are other two airports connected from air to other cities in India.

By Road : Road traveling in Kerala is much smoother because of the good condition of he roads. Also state is connected with other parts of South India by a number of National Highways. Major modes of road transport are buses, tourist taxis, cars, and local taxis and autos.

By Rail : With around 200 railway stations, it is another convenient mode of traveling in Kerala. Railways connect most of the places in the state to places in the other parts of the country and inside the state. Long-distance express trains connect to almost all places outside the state like Mumbai, New Delhi. The state of Kerala is a narrow strip located along Arabian Sea in the southernmost tip of Indian Peninsula. The natural backwaters have given birth to internal water , Chennai, and Kolkata


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