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States of India — Manipur
The state of Manipur, stretching along the border with Myanmar, centers on a vast lowland area watered by the lake system south of its capital Imphal. Manipur feels closer to southeast Asia than India. the area around Imphal is now all but devoid of trees, the outlying hills are still forested, and shelter such exotic birds, and animals as the spotted linshang. the unique natural habitat of Loktak Lake, with its floating islands of matted vegetation, is home to the sangai deer.  Manipur deep within lush green corner of North east India. Manipur is a mosaic of traditions and cultural patterns, best represented by its dance forms. Manipuris were earlier recognised as skillfull warriors and still practice the arts of wrestling sword fighting and martial arts. Songol kangjej (manipur Polo) is the principal sport of the state, for polo is belived to have originated here.
Manipur at a Glance —
Land area  22,327 Sq. kms.
Religion Vaishnavite Hindu
Capital Imphal
Languages Manipuri
Best time to visit October to March
Population 18,37,149

How to Reach —
By Air — The capital of Manipur, Imphal, is well connected with the rest of the country by air. Imphal connects the place with Guwahati, Delhi, and Calcutta.

By Rail — As Manipur has no railway network, the nearest railhead to reach Manipur is Silchar in Assam.

By Road — Manipur is well linked with the rest of the country by both national and state highways. The state transport corporation plies regular scheduled buses from Imphal to the other cities in the region.


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