We get it, you miss having brunch, afternoon tea or coffee in Bali’s hip spots ⁠— but until it’s really safe for us Jakartans to travel to the island of the gods again, you can get a taste of the finest Seminyak has to offer by ordering from Sisterfields Bakery from the comfort of your home.

The famous Australian-inspired café in Seminyak recently branched out to the capital early this month, bringing along its sister brand Sibling Espresso Bar, which is described as a “small batch coffee roaster and espresso bar.” Both brands are managed under 8 Degree Projects, a Bali-based hospitality and lifestyle group that also houses Bikini, Fika, and Bo$$man Burger in Seminyak ⁠— the latter of which arrived in Jakarta last year. 

As the name suggests, Sisterfields Bakery only serves baked goods, granola, and coffee, though we were quite surprised by the relatively affordable price range. We recently got to try several items off the menu, delivered using our trusted app-based food delivery service, and we were pretty excited to finally dig in into some of the most-talked about cakes at the moment.

(L-R) Tunisian Orange Cake, Famous Carrot Cake, and Tabanan Chocolate Brownie. Photo: Nadia Vetta
(L-R) Tunisian Orange Cake, Famous Carrot Cake, and Tabanan Chocolate Brownie. Photo: Nadia Vetta Hamid for Coconuts Media

We started with Sisterfields’ Famous Carrot Cake (IDR40,000), an Australian-style carrot cake with cream cheese icing, toasted coconut flakes, pineapple compote, grated carrots and apple, and lemon zest. To be quite honest, we had high expectations for this dessert, but we were a bit taken aback by its crumbly texture, which resulted in a heavier taste on the cream cheese that overpowered the whole flavor.

Compared to the carrot cake, we actually preferred the Tunisian Orange Cake (IDR30,000), a Tunisian orange and almond cake, spiced syrup, cinnamon stick, star anise, and cloves with citrus-flavored icing. It’s basically a pound cake, with an added orange flavor that is pleasant without being too sweet nor sour, and we feel like it’s a great accompaniment to your afternoon tea. 

Lastly, we tried Sisterfields’ Tabanan Chocolate Brownie (IDR40,000), described as a classic chocolate brownie with Balinese chocolate, raspberry, and walnut. The brownie seems like it has so much potential, but it unfortunately feels dry and crumbled easily when we bit and sliced into it.

Sisterfields’ other baked goods include Chocolate Cherry Mud Cake and Raspberry Blondie (both IDR40,000), as well as Bittersweet Granola and Banana and Chocolate Granola (both IDR75,000).

Sibling Espresso Bar's Es Kopi Susu and Rosella Ginger Tea. Photo: Nadia Vetta
Sibling Espresso Bar’s Es Kopi Susu (L) and Rosella Ginger Tea (R). Photo: Nadia Vetta Hamid for Coconuts Media

Moving on to Sibling’s beverage lineup, we tried three out of four items that are offered by the espresso bar. The Es Kopi Susu (IDR45,000), Sibling’s take on the es kopi trend, is sweetened by Balinese palm sugar. Upon first sip, we felt that the Es Kopi Susu would suit casual drinkers the best, as the coffee is not strong enough to mix with the creaminess.

The Black Coffee Honey (IDR40,000) is sweetened with black honey, but we think we might have to warn you beforehand that it could get really sweet even for those who like to…


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