An Australian man living in Bali and facing up to 12 years behind bars for allegedly possessing methamphetamine has gone on a bizarre rant about the benefits of a mind-altering drug.

Travis McLeod, 49, originally from Fremantle, appeared in a Denpasar court earlier this week accused of trying to buy just under one gram of meth.

According to a 7 News report, police allege Mr McLeod had “tens of kilos” of the psychotropic drug kratom at his villa.

According to a Daily Telegraph report, after arresting Mr McLeod for allegedly attempting to buy 0.8g of methamphetamine, police allegedly uncovered five jerry cans of ethanol, seven bottles of assorted chemicals, a dozen baking sheets, three Tupperware containers of green powdered kratom and multiple drug processing tools and paraphernalia, including a bong in Mr McLeod’s villa.

Speaking to reporters outside court, Mr McLeod said kratom, a plant native to southeast Asia that is legal in Indonesia but illegal in 17 countries including Australia, should “be made legal everywhere”.

“It should not be vilified in such a matter,” Mr McLeod, kitted out in an orange jumpsuit, said.

“Kratom is the answer to all the drug problems … all the ailments.”

Mr McLeod faces up to 12 years in prison and a $775,000 fine for the possession of methamphetamine.

It’s understood Mr McLeod has lived in Bali for two-and-a-half years and has spent time advocating for the legalisation of kratom.

Mr McLeod’s Facebook profile is littered with videos of him hunting for kratom in the jungles of Borneo, eating the leaves straight from the trees, and providing information about the drug and its supposed benefits to chronic pain sufferers.

Mr McLeod has two businesses in Australia – one in Perth and the other in Melbourne – that sell products to help people pass drug tests.

When McLeod opened Freo’s Finest in Richmond in 2015, his co-owner Alex McLeod told the Herald Sun they were providing a community service by helping people “not lose their jobs”. The businesses sell fake urine and detox shampoo.


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