Naughty flight attendant

Air travel may be restricted these days but one British Airways flight attendant offering more than what’s on the menu for in-flight services is now being investigated.

The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom is reporting that a British Airways flight attendant who has her own Facebook page is now being investigated for, «selling sex between flights and even offering clients an on-board experience.»

British Airways is looking to identify the person who has indicated she is a part of the Heathrow-based crew.

The woman advertises sex between flights and mid-flight adult entertainment.

She describes her service on her Facebook page as, «a classy, but very naughty flight attendant filling fetishes, wants and needs.»

The risque photos show her on an airplane, often showing off her legs and in one photo hitching up her skirt. Another post shows her wearing just her tights under her flight uniform and is captioned with: «No panties on Sundays.»



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