Like any other person who was forced to stay at home during the pandemic, our favorite celebs too craved flight journeys and beach vacations. Well, once the rules are relaxed, many of our stars got their wings back and the first thing they did was to fly to the closest beach destination Maldives! Let us see how it turned into a paradise for all of them.

Fitness freak Disha Patani slipped in bikinis many a time, but she has that knack and beauty to lock our eyes staring at her every time. Disha had been to the Maldives with her beau Tiger Shroff most recently. Here is the picture of the beach bum walking the clear beaches and flaunting off her dirty hair and sand on her sun kissed sexy body.

Kajal Kitchlu might have paid visits to the Maldives earlier, but this time is so very special. It’s her honeymoon to the Maldives with her husband Gautam Kitchlu. Kajal Aggarwal literally spammed the wall with her Mumbai wedding and Maldives honeymoon pictures, but it is no wonder we liked them all.

Kajal posed off on resorts, with Gautam and in the swimming costumes and in strap maxis. Needless to say, Kajal slays in every look and we hope she enjoyed her honeymoon more than we enjoyed looking at her vacay photos. We can always check Gautam Kitchlu’s pictures too if he had any selfies with Kajal, but he must be kinda busy liking Disha Patani’s pictures at that time! (Yes he did like Disha’s bikini pictures!)

Undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in Bollywood, Katrina Kaif can leave us awestruck many a time. The beauty too needed a break from everything and she flew off to the Maldives.

Katrina Kaif revealed just two pictures from her beach break and they are stunning. Katrina Kaif posed off in a white bikini top and wet hair from a post-swim in the blues background. Nature is beautiful but Katrina beats it here!

Honey is the best! Mehreen’s beach holiday to celebrate her birthday must be better than the best. Mehreen posed off in thigh slits and frocks on her holiday to the Maldives, and she is mesmerizing. Mehreen too knows that she is too hot and beautiful that she wrote ‘Excuse me while I break your screen’ for one of her pictures.

Mehreen took a break from film commitments to celebrate her birthday (25th!) on the clearwater beach resorts in the Maldives. Well, she had the birthday celebration at sunsets and says ‘Blessed beyond measure’.

Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s beach holiday to the Maldives looked like the coolest they ever had. Neha and Angad with their little one Mehr appeared to have a great time in the Maldives.

Neha posed in a bikini swim, while she gave us a tip on gossip quoting one of her pictures with Angad where he hid the face under the hat ‘Angad Bedi spotted in the Maldives with a woman in black and face covered.. should I be worried??? Her pictures in the red maxi and the dreamer hat are scorching!

The very beautiful Pranitha Subhash lost sight of the shore for a while to enjoy the ocean beauty at the Maldives. The beauty enjoyed the dives, dines, shores, swims, swings, and what not at the Maldives.

Pranitha is lucky enough to enjoy…


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