An Australian man running an “orgasm” retreat in Bali has cancelled the workshop, after the idea caused outrage on the holiday island.

According to the The New Daily, Andrew Irvine Barnes faced three hours of police questions on Friday night after locals pushed back on the workshop.

Officials say Mr Barnes, described online as a “facilitator of Tantric sexuality and relationship retreats around the world”, was set to run a four-day yoga “Tantric full body energy orgasm retreat” in Ubud at a cost of $650 per person.

The general manager of the hotel which was to be the site of the planned orgasm retreat, said the workshop had been cancelled because of the backlash it had received on social media and from locals.

“The hotel stated that there will be people carrying out activities, namely yoga, because there are also yoga mats and so on. But one day before the event, the person in charge had cancelled due to the backlash received on social media,” Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of Gianyar Police, Lusa Lusiano Araujo told local media.

Mr Barnes, who facilitates Tantric sexuality and relationship retreats worldwide, explained the retreat as “exploring Tantric and Taoist practices” which “guide people in cultivating a profound depth of vibrancy and intimacy in their daily lives, relationships, sexuality and careers”.

Gianyar Police confirmed that on Saturday Mr Barnes had been questioned but was not arrested or detained and has been returned to his villa with no criminal charges.

It is understood six people had registered for the event.


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