10/10! Grandeur of the Seas ready for paying guests after test cruise


Grandeur of the Seas is pulling out all the stops to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as it returns to sailing after 18 months.

For health and safety protocols, Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas gets 10 out of 10 from Loop Lifestyle.

Royal Caribbean completed a series of simulation voyages throughout the year to return to the seas, and most recently the simulation voyage for the Grandeur of the Seas set sail from Barbados on Friday, December 3, for two nights with staff and hundreds of volunteers including tourism executives, public and private health officials, travel agents, taxi and tour operators and journalists.

The ship sailed out into the Caribbean Sea. On Day 2, passengers could see an island believed to be St Lucia based on geographical location, before returning to Barbados on Sunday. The ship did not dock at any other port during the test cruise.

The cruise was adult-only and required all participants to wear masks at all times except while inside their cabins or while in designated outdoor mask-free zones or while eating or drinking in the assigned areas.

Top 8 protocols or safety practices observed onboard RC Grandeur of the Seas:

1. Sanitizer stations

By the elevators, at the entrances and exits of all 20 public rooms as well as around the pool by the bar and next to the stairs for the whirlpools, Purell sanitizer stations are everywhere! (Tip: There are two types of sanitizers in use, the gel slippery one and the more alcohol-based one that simply evaporates after you rub it in)

2. Royal Masks

In your stateroom, you will find two face masks in protective packages and they each have the Royal Caribbean logo on them. They are disposable and three-ply. All staff wear masks and they all wear them correctly at all times. When the door for the kitchen swings wide, masks are even worn properly «in the back» as well. Even the lifeguard wears a mask! It’s red to match the uniform.

3. Royal hand sanitizer

That’s right! As if the sanitizer stations were not enough, in your stateroom, you will be greeted by bottles of hand sanitizer with the Royal Caribbean branding on them. It’s 2oz, great for travel. It’s unscented and it has 70 per cent alcohol. It rubs in and dries without leaving your hands sticky.

4. Table signs

Each table has a sign on it in the restaurants and it reads — ‘Sanitized and Ready for you’ on one side, but once the table is occupied, the wait staff flips the sign and on the reverse side it says — ‘Unavailable. Please let us sanitize first’. Also, in order to ensure social distancing, if table one is occupied, table two is marked unoccupied and so are the tables beside table one. If people are seated at table one and table four, tables two and three in between are marked unavailable. Social distancing is no joke.

Grandeur of the Seas has signs to indicate clean tables

Grandeur of the Seas has signs to indicate clean tables

5. Attentive staff

Not only do the wait staff appear like magicians to meet your needs and clear away plates, but they also serve and operate like a well-oiled machine to get patrons in and out as efficiently as possible. They also flip the availability signs always and the attendant who cleans starts spraying the table and chairs and wiping down as soon as guests…


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